Appendix D.
Add-On Software for Molecular Visualization:
WebLab ViewerLite

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This appendix provides instructions for SeqWeb users who want to install WebLab Viewer Lite so that they may view Protein Data Bank (PDB) files from their desktop.

About WebLab ViewerLite

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WebLab® ViewerLite from Accelrys, is a desktop tool that provides high-quality molecular visualization. WebLab ViewerLite provides many different ways of displaying atomic and molecular information, as well as many methods for communicating that information to colleagues. You can share molecular images and information in an email message, through Microsoft Word documents that contain embedded molecules, or via web browsers with the WebLab ViewerLite as a helper application.

WebLab ViewerLite molecular display styles include wireframe, stick, ball and stick, and space-filling model, as well as many protein display styles. Models can be rotated, translated, or scaled to any particular viewpoint. Distances, angles, and torsions can be easily measured; these variables are instantly updated whenever the local geometry is modified. You can also color or label atoms to emphasize different attributes.

For more information about WebLab ViewerLite, visit the WebLab Viewer product information page or the Accelrys web page.

Download and Install WebLab ViewerLite

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To download the WebLab ViewerLite installer, click on the appropriate link below and save the installer to your local desktop.

WebLab ViewerLite 4.0 for Windows 95/98/NT

WebLab ViewerLite 3.2 for Power Macintosh

Once you have clicked on the appropriate link and saved the installer to your desktop, you can install the viewer by clicking on the file to proceed through the installation process.

Once WebLab ViewerLite is installed on your desktop computer, you can use it to view the molecular structure of sequences that are presented to you in SeqWeb. For example, using the Sequence Manager, you can select a sequence to view. When you view a sequence in this way, the contents of the sequence appears, including hyperlinks, similar to the following:

     DR   PDB; 1FOS; [Entry] [3D Image] 10-JUL-95.
Clicking on the Entry link retrieves the PDB data file to view with WebLab ViewerLite, and clicking on the 3D Image link allows you to view an image of the structure.